Can’t Wait for the Honeymoon

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According to reports giving a new spin on the concept of the “blushing bride,” a man in upstate New York was arrested on his wedding day for violating a court order barring him from going near the bride…who also happened to be his ex-wife. Confused? You’re not alone.

The man’s ex-wife-cum-new-bride apparently had a standing restraining order in place against the man, Timothy Cole, which he had previously violated several times—the most recent time being July 1. The trouble started when, after remarrying his ex last week, Cole began fighting “with a guest over a chair during a house party” just hours after the wedding. When police showed up, they recognized him from previous arrests and discovered the still-active order of protection against him. At that point, Cole was charged with first-degree criminal contempt for violating the order and was ordered to jail without bail.

While legal pundits have been unable to agree on whether Cole should rightfully have been arrested, they have unanimously posed the same question of the case: Who the hell is this bride? What kind of woman (re)marries a guy she not only thought best to divorce, but also obtained a restraining order against? I mean, come on, is the idea of being single really that bad?  [Salon]

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