Caption This! 12-5-08

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What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on in this picture?

Put your lawyerly wit to the test and post a comment with a hilarious caption about this courtroom cartoon.  And keep it clean.  (Ish.) The editors’ favorite entry will be announced tomorrow.

Editors’ Pick 12-4-08

TBone: “Sorry, I thought I told you I was married the managing partner.”

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  • Anonymous

    Put your hands back where we can see them; my weenie will provide you with more pleasure than your fingers (or this microphone) could EVER!

  • FT

    Sorry, you can’t open your eyes.  The judge said my lack of fashion sense will create bias.  See?  The judge herself is keeping her eyes closed too.

  • TBone

    I know, I know, I’m just a cartoon, but answer the damn question.

  • Smurf

    “Isn’t it true that you used Pei Mei’s “Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique” to kill Bill?”

  • FSY

    Your honor, now that the witness has fallen asleep, I have nothing further.

  • Scotious

    Now I want everyone to open their eyes, and SHAZAM!  I have your wallet!  Court room magic everybody!

  • JL78

    Here’s the envelope of money I promised you.  Now, take it and answer the questions like i told you to do last night!  Okay?

  • me

    answer the question damn it, or I’ll take this eraser and literally wipe that smirk off your face.

  • Rich

    “miss spears, you have a phone call.”

  • Big R

    Judge: “Sustained.  Counselor, I know the legal market has been tough lately, but you have to give the witness her wallet back.”