IT has time for this, but it takes them a year to let me install Firefox 3?

Caption This! August 26, 2011

What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on in this picture?

Put your lawyerly wit to the test and post a comment below or on Facebook with a witty, hilarious, or brilliant caption. And keep it clean(ish). The editors’ favorite will be announced next week.

IT has time for this, but it takes them a year to let me install Firefox 3?

Winning Blast from the Past

Though it’s been a while, we haven’t forgotten to honor the winner of the last Caption This! contest. Congrats to former Bitter Lawyer contributor BL1Y. The image and his winning caption appear at left.

  • legalpenman

    Men in Black: Protecting the Earth from the Scum of the Universe

  • Patrick Kearns

    This year’s contestants for the 10th Annual 5k “Ambulance Chase” line up at the starting line!

  • Andrew

    Thanks to PETA, the annual Christmas parade just wasn’t the same after Santa replaced his eight tiny reindeer with eight tiny lawyers.

  • Ryan

    Best prank ever! I love watching the first year associates squirm when we ask why they didn’t comply with firm dress code.

  • Michelle Beth

    Lawyers in Parade – They Bill at 2.2-Meter Increment

  • Ellen

    They must all be thinking to themselfes that:

    “Mabye if I dress conservatively enough, I will be viewed as inteligent in the legal community.”

  • Andrew Lahser

    Sunglasses, $15. Black shoes, $99. Dark suit, $155. An entire street full of calculating lawyers, priceless.

  • Angie R.

    So this is what happens when you don’t allow Shriners in the parade…

  • Desiree Wolf

    Flashmob. Music starts in 5…4….3…2..1

  • Paul

    And pulling up in this year’s Macy’s Day parade we have Crusty Counselor cartoons. They look so real and are huge!

  • Nancy Hupp

    Okay, okay, they’re not the Radio City Rockettes, but it’s the best the ABA could come up with.

  • Morse

    When the Auburn Bugle Corps becomes lawyers.

  • Evil Lawyer

    “What do you mean its BLUE tie day?”

  • Richard Olson

    Lawyer flash mobs aren’t nearly as exciting as the traditional flash mobs.

  • Brad

    Anticipating a shortage of able-bodied minions, following a recent wave of rioting by law students against the US News – Law School Complex, several leading firms are in the early stages of planning, in collaboration with Sony, to replace a percentage of new associates with the Certified Associate Robotic Professional, shown here.

    This first batch of CARPs is being evaluated for its capacity to shirk public interest, maintain composure in the face of adversity, and appear both firm and professional in courtroom attire. Developers note that several units were modeled after current members of the United States Supreme Court.

  • Alan T.

    Attention, folks, just a reminder that, before we get the ABA Law Day parade started, you need to review the disclaimer we distributed earlier and sign and date it on page six.

  • Joseph P. McClelland, III

    Worst Lady Gaga routine ever!

  • Dr. Love

    Everyone is wondering how long Larry can suppress that fart.

  • Hank

    Whichever guy farted, lift his left leg please!

  • Quadoz

    If we stand perfectly still, maybe they won’t question our outrageous billable hours.