Caption This! Jan. 24-30

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What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on in this picture?

Put your lawyerly wit to the test and post a comment with a hilarious caption about this hands-free device.  And keep it clean.  (Ish.) The editors’ favorite entry will be announced next Saturday, January 24.

Editors’ Pick (Jan. 17-23):

FoSho: “The awkward post-swing breakfast”

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  • ajc

    Citizens of Zimbabwe can now enjoy the benefits of hands-free technology, and for the low low price of Z$5,000,000,000,000!

  • Leemail

    The Borg’s first attempts at human assimilation were less than spectacular.

  • Tbone

    F*** You blue tooth!.

  • Pacific Reporter
  • Tennis Pro

    Obama’mama with Obama’s blackberry.

  • Sabrina

    But officer, it IS hands-free.

  • bo

    Ghetto ingenuity

  • Rick


  • Dude

    Customize it- Now available with assorted color rubber bands.

  • law drone

    Today’s economic climate calls for recycling supplies to replace former high tech luxuries for major law firms

  • MB

    Another example of a law firm refusing to buy proper equipment for support staff.  But we pay for attorneys’ blackberries!  Now answer the main line!

  • chad_broski

    Wait till you see his “laptop”.

  • Bitter’s Summer Associate

    Exhibit A for the Plaintiff: Cell phones are addictive, need warning labels on them, and may result in odd behavior, cancers, or the growth of an acceptable law firm “strap-on” for a male.

  • BBG

    Secrets the cell phone companies don’t want you to know, for three easy payments of 14.95.

  • Anonymous

    “Snach Magnet”?  Bullsheeet, man..  Not working, man.  No beeotch look at me twice with me wearing this sheeet, man!

  • drlove

    Compton and Brooklyn trade technology to enable speaking with one’s baby moms while robbing a Korean liquor store.

  • AO

    The first bluetooth

  • Alphonse Credenza

    Really business doc review guy.

  • Alphonse Credenza

    Sorry, I meant “really busy doc review guy.”

  • Cosimoto

    Well, Doctor, I was in the sauna and making some calls and it just melted on to it…

  • Anonymous

    “The salesman told me his would be great for running…… at least the beans he sold me work”

  • D-Fence

    Comes with three diffrent colors of interchangable rubberbands!

  • Freddie B in NJ

    I am Tyrone of The Borg.  Give me a paralegal job at your law firm now.  Resistance is futile…

  • Anonymous

    Performance based layoff?

  • Craig

    How embarrassing. I mean, look at how big, clunky and old fashioned that phone is.

  • Non-racist attempt at humor

    I chose this model because it doesn’t have that geeky-flashing-blue light.

  • Black Lawyer

    A young black man would, of course, be a paralegal and not an attorney. What a bunch of half-wits.

  • Ponce DeLeon

    First-Year Associate multi-tasking.

  • jackafrass

    “we know you’re embarrassed about your inability to grow sideburns, larry, but this is getting ridiculous.”