Caption This! (June 6, 2013)

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What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on here?

Put your lawyerly wisdom to the test and post a comment below or on Facebook with a witty, hilarious, or brilliant caption to this comic, courtesy of And keep it clean(ish) and, y’know, respectful.

The editor’s pick will be announced next week, and then we’ll post the comic with the winning caption on Facebook.

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  • wbramh

    “It’s time to come out of the closet… I’m a Democrat.”

  • realthog

    “I’ve accepted the Jehovah v. Satan brief.”

  • Shingleberries

    Administrative leave? I don’t have to come in … AND I get paid?? Sigh. I love the IRS.

  • MagicSpork

    Uhhh, Barry…”pants optional day” is the SECOND Friday of the month. If you lost the Stevenson account because of this, you’re gone!