Caption This! March 1-6

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What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on in this picture?

Put your lawyerly wit to the test and post a comment with a hilarious caption about this courtroom drama.  And keep it clean.  (Ish.) The editors’ favorite entry will be announced next Saturday, March 7th.

Editors’ Pick (Feb. 21-27):

Craig: “And you thought being a lawyer was making YOU go crazy!!!”

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  • Al Veoli

    Stop sniffing your hand in front of the jury. They didn’t get the action you did last nite.

  • BL1Y

    Relax.  Didn’t you read Matthew Richardson yesterday?  I don’t think a jury will ever convict a black man.

  • Craig

    Just act like I’m telling you something really serious and important. Juries love this kind of shit.

  • Lawyer Bob

    Check out the judge. One word. HOT.


    Just think…Whether or not you go to jail, I’m still getting paid.

  • Bitter 2L

    “Hey, Leroy, do me a favor, today try not to drop any ‘that’s what she said’ comments during my cross examinations.”

  • Anonymous

    I dont be playing B-Ball for these guys?

  • Butch Roberts

    I think we lost the jury when you said, “Donkey Show.”

  • Anonymous

    When I yell “objection” you run.

  • Ponce De Leon

    How many times did I tell you that the judge doesn’t like orange sherbet?

  • TBone

    No, not the brunette, the blond.  In the second row.  Kinda hot, right?

  • law drone

    That bitch is going down during my cross-examination!

  • Leroy Elmore

    Is the Black guy on trial, or is he a famous basketball player.  I think it is Michael Vick, though Im not sure.  Anyone else know?


    aw man – haven’t you heard of Tic Tacs?

  • conway

    Remember when I told you I graduated top 5% of my class . . . funny story . . . the website went down before I could finish my last course . . .

  • ENDEsq

    Young suit and tie guy: I went to Einstein Bros. Bagels this morning for breakfast.  They have a great new onion bagel with garlic shmear.  You want to go get one after this meeting?
    Orange shirt guy: *tears up* *throws up in mouth a little bit*
    Old suit and tie guy: Johnson, shut the fuck up.  Your breath is making my stomach curdle.

  • ajc

    Ok, we need to change our defense strategy.  When you said you “hit that”, I though you meant that you had sex with her…