Caption This! (May 30, 2013)

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What in the Bitter Lawyer is going on here?

Put your lawyerly wisdom to the test and post a comment below or on Facebook with a witty, hilarious, or brilliant caption to this comic, courtesy of And keep it clean(ish) and, y’know, respectful.

The editor’s pick will be announced next week, and then we’ll post the comic with the winning caption on Facebook.

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  • realthog

    “We’d hoped to advertise our ladders with half-naked fashion models, but the budget just wouldn’t run to it.”

    • Larry

      Just have the secretaries and paralegals take off their tops and parade underneath the ladder. The one whose teats are the firmest will win the ladder!

  • wbramh

    “The late Smithson here was our Workers’ Comp expert. Wills is still litigating his burial wishes.”

  • ribroy69

    He says he can’t move unless we raise the ceiling on his workman’s liability.

  • Marantha LexisNexis

    We need a case and you need worker’s comp. So how about a little push?

  • Loki

    After reading our waiver form, he refuses to climb the ladder…

  • Lorenzo Legal

    He looks dumb enough to lose his balance up there, fall off, and die… (then we’ve got our millions in tort). Now we need a corporation with deep pockets to hire him.