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Suffering from iPhone 3G envy? You might want to reconsider. The prodigal mobile device that kept technophiles lining up for days is now dealing with the backlash of not living up to the hype.  Manufacturer Apple was slapped with a federal class action complaint this week led by Alabama’s Jessica Alena Smith, who’s miffed that her new iPhone is much slower than advertised and has shoddy reception.

Smith’s attorney explains, “Apple sold these devices on the promise that they were twice as fast as the pre-existing phones and that they would function suitably, or properly, on the 3G network. But, thus far, Apple and the phone have failed to deliver on this promise.”

While some have wondered if simply replacing her iPhone with, say, a Palm Centro would be a less costly option for Smith than a major lawsuit, her actions have nonetheless sent major consumer brands everywhere into a panic about the impact of their own advertising messages.  Leading the pack are Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, who, according to anonymous sources, are expected to make respective clarifications today that no one really wants to buy the world a Coke , and you might not necessarily be “lovin’ it.” [Huffington Post]

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