Clown Fights Cop, Then Court

For most people, being in the courtroom awaiting your initial hearing on disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer is not the time to be clowning around. Kenneth Kraucunas is not most people. The Milwaukee man appeared in court dressed in full clown attire, including a red nose. The bailiff, who apparently hated the ball toss on Bozo, instructed the man to “take your nose off and take a seat.”

Kraucunas, not wanting to break character, initially refused, asking if it was an order. When the bailiff informed him it was, Kraucunas stated, “OK, I charge $1,000 for that. You’re going to get a bill for that. Can I get your name?” If only there was video of this incident—oh wait, there is, right here

Love the cut of this guy’s jib. A grand for the clown to take off his nose? I’m in the wrong business. Floppy shoes, red nose, he probably has one of those squirt gun flowers. Probably the best court appearance ever. I wonder if he drove to court in one of those little cars. Parking at the meter and 10 guys dressed as clowns all pile out. Pure comedy.

And let’s not forget how the initial fight started. Kraucunas was on the sidewalk spraying drivers with a squirt gun. Just unloading a Super Soaker during rush hour and charging $1,000 for his nose. Only in America folks. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, Kraucunas has a pretrial on January 9th.

Post image from Shutterstock