Study for the Bar Exam the Right Way with this Never-Fail Color-Coded Highlighting System

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Preparing for the Bar Exam requires you to process and compartmentalize a massive amount of information such that it’s primed in your brain for quick and accurate recall. Using a color-coded highlighting system is an easy and effective way to categorize and sort the deluge of facts in your bar review materials. As a bonus, changing marker caps will help allay the deadening monotony of studying for the bar!

So consider the Never-Fail Color-Coded Highlighting System this bar prep season and say goodbye to failure (and all your white clothing):

  • YELLOW: Provisions of the federal constitution
  • PINK: Judge-made law
  • FUCHSIA: Judge-made law that has or will become historically embarrassing
  • ORANGE: Federal Statutes
  • BURNT UMBER: Laws specific to your jurisdiction that you’d never heard of before bar review class
  • BLUE: Definition of legal term
  • INDIGO: Definition of legal term in Latin
  • CERULEAN: Definition of legal term that has not been relevant in at least two centuries but may still appear on the bar exam
  • SPARKLING SAPPHIRE: Definition of “mayhem.”
  • PURPLE: Landmark court decision
  • LAVENDER: Decision that sounds familiar like it was probably important but you can’t remember the first thing about it (e.g., Missouri v. Holland)
  • PUCE: Decision that might not have been all that important but will nevertheless sound impressive if you drop it in an answer (e.g., Cooley v. Board of Wardens)
  • REDACTION BLACK: That one case you got painted into a Socratic corner about by your nastiest professor when you were a 1L
  • CLEAR: Anything your bar review instructor says will “definitely be tested”
  • GREEN: Terms that make you break into giggles when you’re on your 14th straight hour of studying (“Tee hee, ‘Fee simple’”)
  • OLIVE: When your giggle fit loops back around into panicked sobs
  • RED: Oops you are now crying tears of blood
  • SILVER: When you start to feel a glimmer of hope because you actually remember something from contracts
  • GOLD: When it’s time for an alcoholic study break.
  • Try out the color-coded highlighting system this year. And let your law review books drip with the blood of fallen highlighters.

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  • Mordecai

    Proper, effective bar prep requires ramen noodles, beer, hydrocodone, and Lucky Charms cereal. Cap’n Crunch in a pinch.

  • Viki

    Shit!! I really could have made it through law school……..