Comedian Matt Ritter as Dave Adler, and Vice Versa

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Dave Adler is the epitome of a dreamer. But he’s in denial about it. He thinks he’s different from Tim and Frank, because he is 100 percent going to “make it.” Yet, he is blind to the facts, which are that he has had zero success as a comedian.

Unfortunately, since he went to a great school (UPenn, not Penn State)—and he pretty much threw it all away for comedy—he refuses to accept that it’s not working out. Instead, he has chosen to trudge through the world of document review, convinced that he is only passing through for a short time. Through the course of the season, we will see him starting to actually fit in down there and get a little too comfortable with his life as a document reviewer. Obviously, having Paige to fantasize about makes it a lot easier. He has convinced himself that he’s only staying because he needs more time to convince her to get rid of her boyfriend and fall in love with him. It’s safe to say it’s a case of unrequited love . . . so far.

It seems a bit narcissistic and weird to talk about the actor that plays Dave, because, obviously, that’s me. I took on the role because, as someone who has done document review and performs standup, I felt I could relate to the character. Who am I kidding, I took on the role because, if I am going to write and produce a series about document reviewers, I’d be a fool not to put myself in it. I really hope I don’t suck, and I hope all of the other fantastic actors around me cover for my shortcomings.

How similar I am to Dave? I’m only “slightly” more successful than Dave. But I’ve got a bit of Tim Kennedy (constant scheming) and a tad of Locker (anger about the world) in my real life.

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

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  • Guano Dubango

    Enough with the character development. Let’s have an episode. For starters, I recommend this dude try to make a move on Paige and she can kick him in a way that will make him sing soprano! That is a good first episode. Then in the next episode the older doosh should offer himself to any doc review woman who will have him, and maybe you can get the a large woman something like the woman from Bridesmaids to chase him down the hall to take him up on his offer.

  • Gregory Luce

    Next week is Episode 4, and it is strikingly like you describe.

    • Ellen

      I think the women should be in charge for awhile. Instead of men screwing the women, burpeing and waddling away, I sugest that the pretty woman wear a strap on and use it with the loosers that want to have sex.

  • Evil Lawyer

    God, I agree with Guano: no more credits or character tedium. Get on with the sexual harassment, lewd remarks, pillage and so on. Have Paige break down in tears after her former greasy haired drummer boyfriend makes it big and leaves her alone in DocReview. (at whihc pint she seeks comfort from one of the Doc review losers).