Consent Is Overrated

What happens when a 25-year-old party girl tries to enforce a written promise that her cokehead boyfriend likely scribbled on a napkin in a the middle of a bender, agreeing to give her a million bucks if he started using drugs again?  Just ask Noelle Reno, ex-girlfriend of banking heir and “notorious drug user” Matthew Mellon, who is taking the 43-year-old bad boy to court to try to enforce the contract she had him sign obligating him to give her a “cash payment of $1 million” if he “ingested cocaine or other similar drugs within the next six months and it rendered him unable to interact normally with other people for more than two days.”

Mellon’s legal experts have refused to comment on the merits of the pending claim, but they did want to reiterate their strong belief that the kid from Mellon’s fourth grade class—the one who made that half-court shot after betting Mellon a billion dollars he could make it—would very likely prove unsuccessful should he also attempt to collect his unpaid debt. [Daily Mail]

Photo by Bryan Chan