Consider Vinyl for Your Next Podcast Release

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Lawyer Leave a Comment

An old record-playerPodcasts have not caught fire among lawyers. Sure, there are some star legal podcasters out there that I cannot remember. Part of the problem may be the growing overproduction of podcasts, with recent concerted efforts to improve podcast quality by eliminating the sound of tin cans bouncing off the floor. As one lawyer recently mentioned to me, “I really like Lawyer2Lawyer, but these days it’s way overproduced, with that dubstep thing and a bland hifi sound. I want to feel Ambrogi, not just listen to him!”

The issue isn’t related to the podcasters. It’s the medium and the overly textured production. Releasing podcasts on vinyl, however, resolves that issue. It also provides you with instant street cred, captures the true fidelity of that lost podcast sound, and ultimately returns podcasts to their heyday in 2007, when attorneys would get together in the office conference room for legal jam sessions recorded on Fisher-Price Record-n-Play Phone Centers.

While vinyl may prove a bit more expensive, the investment should pay for itself within 28 years. Press enough vinyl podcasts and you’ll have a personalized business card to hand out at legal tech conferences, to baristas, and to courthouse staff. You’ll also be able to moderate new online forums where your listeners will argue for decades over your “true” podcast sound, extending the life of your podcasts. More importantly, you’ll increase the value of your personal brand by expanding to a new and underutilized legal medium. Vinyl. It’s Sound Advice.®

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