Got Talent? Contribute to Bitter Lawyer

Gregory D. Luce Lawyer, News & Views Leave a Comment

Interested in having your videos, writing, or comic illustrations featured on Bitter Lawyer? Want to drive traffic to your own blog or website? Bitter Lawyer is always interested in receiving high-quality guest submissions, as well as finding new, regular, and humorous contributors.

Whether you want to submit a video, a single guest post, or if you want to become a regular Bitter Lawyer contributor, please email us a proposal.

But Hold On

Before you shoot off a proposal with a thirty-page manifesto attached, check out our general guidelines here. Honestly, if you just give us your name and email and we don’t know what you want to do (or you don’t give us an idea about what you can offer), then we’ll probably let that email wallow in obscurity. And you’ll continue to wallow, too. So, help us help you.

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