Cover Letters: the Good, the Bad, the Inane

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Ah, the cover letter. That piece of paper intended to introduce yourself and to persuade the reader to, well, read further. Or to explain something obvious that you’ve attached or enclosed. Whether you’ve given up on cover letters because they are useless or whether you swear they are necessary, here are our best posts on dealing with them, writing them, and ultimately responding to them.

1. I believe I received the worst cover letter ever written last week. It wasn’t that the job seeker, a soon to be graduating law student, was unqualified. It was just the liberties that he took in trying to convince me (as well as everyone else that read this form letter) that he should work for my firm.” From Responding to a Form Cover Letter.

2. Here’s the deal. You forward my resume to the hiring partner or committee, with a note that the firm should take a close look at me. If hired, I become your bitch. I’m not talking sex. I’m talking the following. From Nix the Crappy Cover Letter, Let’s Talk Kickbacks.

3. What does a lawyer’s cover letter to another lawyer actually convey? A Bitter Lawyer infographic lays it all out. View One Lawyer’s Letter to Another, Explained.

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