The South Will Float Again: Two Men Arrested in Airboat Attack

According to WESH Oralando, an argument between fishermen went from ill advised to absurd when two men rammed another man’s car with an air boat.

Mark Rice and Robert Dickson are now facing charges including aggravated assault for their attack on another fisherman with whom they had argued earlier. Rice was driving the air boat, which we assume did most of the damage. Although, his passenger, Dickson, gave the victim’s vehicle a coup de grace by throwing his cell phone at the windshield. This seems a little bit like throwing an egg at a tank, but apparently it did a bit of damage.

Following the incident, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers took the two men into custody which probably went something like this.

While these men should be reprimanded for their crimes, so should their creativity be applauded. Now everyone can rest easily knowing that, even if the government takes away our guns, we will still be able to defend ourselves. We just all have to move to a swamp. And buy airboats… or speed boats… It worked in Gator.

(photo: Airboat on tropical wetland in Everglades National Park in Florida from Shutterstock)