Video Captures Crime and Immediate Punishment

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Today in “Extremely Damning Evidence” we are given the video of Rashad Greene, 30, attacking his girlfriend Dominique Morrow, 28, while at a hearing for a protection order. Umm . . . motion for protection order is . . . granted! We here at Bitter Lawyer want to note that the following video is rather violent and disturbing. However there is some solace in the fact that the asshole gets to ride the lightning by the old man bailiff.

Speaking of the bailiff, maybe a little more working out at the gym and fewer jelly doughnuts would have prevented that last massive punch. Seriously a little hustle. You look like the 49er’s defense in the first half of last night’s game.

And speaking of the Super Bowl, maybe Rashad Greene can have a career playing middle linebacker for the Ravens. Unfortunately I don’t think his lawyer is going to be able to get a Motion to Suppress for this video and he definitely won’t get an Obstruction of Justice plea deal like their current linebacker.

Once again Bitter Lawyer would like to make the disclaimer that this video is pretty disturbing but does provide the unique experience of seeing a vicious crime take place followed by the immediate satisfaction of watching the punishment – all within seconds and before your very own eyes.

Photo courtesy of The Smoking Gun.



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  • gah

    The comments on the youtube video are so ignorant. It’s really depressing.