Cuffs of Love

Jason Earl Dean, 25, has been sentenced to four years in jail and six years of probation after handcuffing himself to a co-worker in an attempt to get a date. Dean, had tried to seduce his Taco Bell co-worker for a month when he finally made his big move to convince her to go out with him. She was not impressed. The 18-year-old victim screamed until fellow fast-food employees came to her aid.

Ugh. Chicks, man. Can’t live with them, can’t handcuff yourself to them to show your love and subsequently get four years in jail them without them. Always sending weird signals. Poking you on Facebook. Retweeting at you on Twitter with some heart emoticons and a winkie face. Then you go and make your move and show your love and what do you get: a pair of handcuffs (and not in the good way). What is really crazy is that Jason Earl Dean sounds like a catch. Sure his name sounds like he might be a serial murderer, but he has a stable job at Taco Bell. He is obviously an original thinker and adventurous with a touch of chivalry. He is pretty much Christian Grey minus the fact that Dean is a crazy stalker who works at Taco Bell trying to pick up 18-year-olds like he is David Wooderson and he will now be serving 4 years in prison where I am sure he will have lots of dates. But other than that he is a heartthrob.

Post image courtesy of Shutterstock.

  • Jill

    Some guys will do anything to get a woman. What happened when he (or she) had to use the toilet? Did they both have to go in? And how did it work when they had to take a dump? Who had to do the wiping?