Date Goes Wrong When Woman Robbed

We all have a story about an awkward first date, but a recent news report out of Wildomar, California cerainly trumps  running out of things to talk about at a coffee shop. According to KESQ in California Terry Michael Fine took a woman out on a date and then things got weird.  Although the report does not discuss specifics of the date, I imagine it began with cocktails, appetizers, and a debate about cats and dogs.  But this did not turn out to like a standard date.

The news report states that as Fine approached the woman’s house to drop her off at the end of the night he would not let her out of the vehicle, claiming that she had stolen his wallet. I usually fake losing my wallet, before the check comes to the table, but this is an interesting move.  He proceeded to drive two blocks past the woman’s house and pushed her out of the car at an intersection while keeping her purse.

That is right, he stole her purse while claiming that she had stolen his wallet.  This is an approach in deception used by kindergartners in sandboxes all over the nation. Seriously, though how did she not see any signs that this guy might be a little off? Unfortunately for Fine, the punishment is a little harsher in the playground of life. Instead of  time-out in the corner, he is currently being held in a detention center on $50,000 bail.

As for the victim, she has not been identified. No report has been issued as to whether this is due to her embarrassment for having gone on a date with Fine, or the fact that she was a victim to the oldest trick in the book.  Either explanation seems feasible, and I hope that future reports will clear up the real mystery.

Image: Woman defending herself from a purse thief