Dear Law School, I Miss You

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Winter break is rapidly drawing to a close. For some of us, it’s already over. THANK GOD!

I love winter break. Even more, I love the idea of winter break. Four full weeks of sleeping in, no classes, real meals, catching up with friends and family, maybe even a bit of traveling. But, the reality of winter break doesn’t always match up so nicely with that romanticized idea.

Of course, we all appreciate the comfort of coming home, not to mention its typically full fridge and pantry. But, those homes can also provide a bit of discomfort: after years of living “on your own” at school, coming home and staying there seems to get a little harder every time. It’s funny how quickly one can go from feeling like a professional, independent twenty-something to an about-to-misbehave elementary schooler or a sixteen-year-old asking for a curfew extension just by walking across the threshold.

Living with family is a great way to spend time together and catch up; it’s also a great way to remind yourself of why you don’t ever want to live with your family again. If you’ve ever found yourself yelling, “IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO PUT A NEW ROLL OF TOILET PAPER ON THE ROLL?!” you know what I mean.

Further, have you ever tried to get anything done while you’re at home? I have, and I always fail. Which is a problem, because it seems like there’s always so much to do. Some of it you bring on yourself; some of it you can’t help. I have a winter break “to do” list; but I can’t help that my father insisted on purchasing a new smartphone even though he never mastered the original Motorola Razr, forcing me to spend countless hours setting it up and fielding his questions. And of course, family members are always saying, “You should go see this person” or the less direct but more guilt-laden, “So and So would really like to see you.”

You have to keep up with basic household cleaning, because while ignoring the dishes for three days in your own apartment is fine for you, your mom isn’t so thrilled about that kind of thing happening under her roof. And if you’re home all day while your parents are working, and there’s a sense of obligation that keeps you doing dishes and taking out the trash and cleaning bathrooms.

I’m not even going to get into holiday events. If you have divorced parents or a significant other or extended family, there’s no telling how many different Christmas celebrations you’ll have to attend. How many holiday meals with ham as a main dish can one person stomach in such a limited time? In case you’re wondering, three is the limit.

After weeks off from the law school routine, you actually begin to miss it. Call it Stockholm Syndrome or whatever. So there you are, less than a week before the next semester starts, and you realize — to your horror — you’re actually looking forward to going back to law school.

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  • Jill

    when I had my law 1L school winter break, I spent most days in bed with 2 3rd year guys. I learned a lot about the law (and sex) from those guys!