Divorce Groupons!

Groupon has announced that February 15th is Divorce Attorney Groupon Day!? The date comes as a surprise considering February 14th is National Instagram Pictures of “Surprise” Flowers Day, also known as Valentine’s Day. Website officials claim “carnations” and “homemade coupon books” (ironically) as the most common grounds for divorce.

Brooks Tenenbaum, an attorney in Springfield, stated that Groupon has doubled his divorce practice. “The amount of soon-to-be-single ladies who search Groupon on a daily basis is astonishing. Granted they are usually looking for yoga classes but they stay for the $499 divorce package.” Tenenbaum states he is cleaning up in the Springfield divorce market including six post-Valentine’s Day clients after last year’s deal, and he is not the only one.

Kendra Weinstein, a Clinton-based attorney, has also begun providing her “Heart Breaker of a Deal” Divorce Groupon through the deal website. While the Groupon has been popular, Weinstein also notes that she has looked into offering a “Sexual Harassment Defense Groupon” for “the creepy guy in the office.” As she states, “every office now has the guy who walks around thinking Valentine’s Day is going to be different than the other 364 days when he got turned down.” She has already received calls from now unemployed individuals such as: a manager who thought his secretary would like edible underwear; a woman who was fired after pelting a co-worker with a box of chocolates; and a mess out of Arlington that involves a broken copier, paper cuts, and the Culligan Man. “Between my New Years Eve DUI coupon and these two new ventures, I’ll be ready to retire in no time,” states Weinstein.

Websites such as Groupon have gained in popularity within the legal community. The website specializes in discounted gift certificates used with local or national companies. Within the past year, more lawyers have begun to use Groupon in an effort to actually get paid from their clients. Moreover, as Tenenbaum states, “Groupon is way classier than other sites. Plus there is a 30 percent less chance you will get skinned alive by using Groupon as compared to Craigslist.”

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