Mr. Law School: Does Not Play Well With Court Staff

When law students get internships, the hope is that you get to go to court. Court is where all the action happens, and you get the true. hands-on experience of what it’s like to be part of a trial. You see how lawyers interact with judges, their clients, opposing counsel, and the court officers.

On this week’s episode of Mr. Law School, Sam E. Goldberg talks about his experience of getting kicked out of the court room.

Side note to the woderful hosts of Bitter Brief: thanks for the publicity.

  • Quadoz

    In my best Ahnald voice, STOP IT!

    Enough of this dude.

    City Cop by Midnight, Rookie Lawyer by day

  • Ellen

    I went to court with the manageing partner, and he tried a torts case against New York City Sanetation Department. We did NOT win, but I got alot of experence out of it, including depositions and EBT’s.

    The manageing partner said I can try my own cases in a FEW years.

  • Juris Depravis

    His ears will make nice handlebars for the dudes he will have to blow to make ends meet.

  • Little Miss Spell Check

    Ellen, not to burst your bubble but if you want to try cases, you should learn how to spell managing, sanitation, a lot and experience. Details count.

  • Pig

    Ellen, you can have all the courtroom experience you want as long as you sit next to me in judge trials and let my left hand rest on your right thigh, and make sure I am relaxed at lunch. Just don’t say anything.

  • FG

    Dude,what makes u think this woman is worth the energy? Do u think all dumb females with a JD degree are smokin’ hot?

    • Bill

      Trust me. This doosh is right. What you have in law school in the estrogen department are:

      1) big ugly broads that could not land a guy in college
      2) skinny worm like broads who are virgins (and probably will always be)
      3) one or hot women who are either already married or engaged to some doosh in medical school
      4) one (or 2) hot single babes, who are getting boned regularly by more than one law school professor, who never were able to get any kind of action while law students.

  • Doug Quade

    Hey Sam: I am starting law school next year and was recommended your videos from a friend who is now a 3l. I have watched all of your them and not only are they very informative about real issues but they are also incredibly funny. I commend you for bringing humor to a subject that is not exactly ripe for comedy. So thank you for giving me a little more peace of mind before that stress of law school begins. I already feel ahead of the curve as a result of watching your videos. Keep doing what your doing, don’t listen to the haters.

  • Wilma

    I agree. This guy Mr. Law School is really cool.

  • Quadoz

    Die in a fire already.

    • Guano Dubango

      Dude, what is your problem? I also think Sam is my man. If you have a problem, it is, as my Aunt Ooona says, between your ears.

      I suggest you re-evaluate your priorities, and take the opportunities available to you to find a woman to date. In this way, you will be like a docile shark in the water; well fed and not about to pounce on the first remale specimen that comes within grabbing distance.