Angelina Jolie: Don’t Adopted Babies Count for Anything?

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Angelina Jolie’s face may be worth millions of dollars, but as far as the Brits are concerned, she can keep it to herself. At least when it’s oiled up and flaunting ammo on a movie poster.  Reports from the UK have confirmed that Britain’s media watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), has banned two posters of Jolie’s latest flick, Wanted, after citizens complained that the ads promoted guns and violence.

One of the posters showed Jolie splayed across the top of a car, sporting a gun, and the other showed her crouching down, aiming a gun upward. The ASA claims that it banned the posters after receiving 17 complaints from people who “thought the ads were irresponsible because they glorify and glamorize gun crime at a time when there is increasing public concern in Britain about it.”

When reached for comment, British legal analysts agreed that only a culture full of prurient flesh peddlers would allow images of some young, hot, gun-toting national sex symbol to be thrown in its citizens faces day after day. Not the Brits, though. That’s not their scene. Their standards are too high. Their sense of propriety is too—oh, wait.  Um, nevermind.  [Reuters via HuffPost]

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  • Kevin

    I can see why they’re so upset. That’s one silly handgrip. Looks slippery. A standard Glock 20 or Beretta M9 would look much better.