Eddie Pepitone as Lifer King: Bottom Rung Episode 2

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With Bottom Rung Episode 2 we were trying to capture the essence of a document review “Lifer.” There are different kinds of lifers, some sad ones, like Feldman, and others filled with rage, like Locker in this episode. The one thing that all lifers have in common is disdain for hope.

In this episode the dreamers are just starting to get to know each other and Tim is teasing Dave about chasing his dreams. Any time Locker hears the word “dream” it’s a verbal cue for him to sound off. He knows deep down that everyone will “die down here.” He also has crazy conspiracy theories that you will be hearing about in future episodes.

The idea for the tattoos came from hearing all the lifers every talk about the big deals they had worked on in the past. They are like badges of honor. It’s their “Vietnam” in a sense, and they seize every opportunity to tell you what it was like “back in the day”—when they were on “AMD” or some other big-time litigation that is apparently known to all document reviewers. I just thought it would be great if Locker took it a step further with tear drops and tattoos commemorating his service to the cause. We know they were stickers and obviously do not look real, but we thought it would just be funnier to have them look silly.

Eddie Pepitone

Eddie Pepitone plays Locker. Eddie is pure comic genius. He’s what we call a “comic’s comic,” which means you’re not getting the general recognition that you deserve outside of the comedy community. Thankfully, Eddie is finally getting the recognition. He is in the Muppets movie, he was in Old School as one of the guys in Will Ferrell’s fraternity. He’s been on every sitcom you can think of. I guarantee now that you’ve seen this, you are going to see his face all over TV and say that’s where I know this guy from.

When we were shooting, I was sitting across from him and couldn’t stop laughing. We had to take multiple breaks so I could compose myself. I also wrote some pretty crazy stuff, like the thing about killing the hitchhiker because I knew Eddie would absolutely slay those lines, and he did. Eddie loves a good rant in real life so I figure why not give him some good rants here. If you want to hear more from Eddie, he just released his first record, available on Amazon and on iTunes.

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  • Guano Dubango

    This older doofus appears to be harsh. What about the blonde? She cannot speak? I would get her involved in the dialogue, as unlike this older doosh, at least the blonde is pleasant to look at.