Howard Stern Wack Packer "Elegant" Suing for $21 Million

We sat down with Howard Stern Wack Packer “Elegant” Elliot Offen and talked about his $21 million dollar lawsuit against a Miami hotel for malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Elegant claims that he was a guest at the hotel and that while in the hotel lobby he was thrown out because he was dressed as a woman.

  • Bill

    Mr. Law School is cool.

    I hope he gets plenty of action for putting up with all of the grief he gets.

    Go for it, dude!

  • Guano Dubango

    I concur. Mr. Law School — He is my man!

  • Vaginal Mesh

    MLS, kudos for being able to spend more than 3 minutes with this sub-human. I’m glad he’s no longer on the HS show and cannot imagine spending any amount of time with him. Best of luck, you’ll need it!