Empire State Of Mind

Despite long term claims that Bitter Lawyer is being revamped, this time it really is. Turns out, our favorite un-lawyer Lisa Needham, aka snipy on the twitters and a writer for the far more respectable Lawyerist, decided that she was done with this nonsense and is taking over. And snipy isn’t alone, because she somehow suckered our dearest not-academic Joline Zepcevski, aka gigglebyte, into joining in on this three ring circus and creating an empire.

A very bitter empire.

Yes, for your reading displeasure, we are bringing you the Bitter Empire. Except not right now, because we’re not launching until October, 2014. So, why we are we telling you this so early? Because, you need to get in the mood. Go pick up some oysters and a nice bottle of wine or, if you prefer, a wine product.

Who knew that your beloved Bitter Lawyer had such an expansionist dream? One that involves all sorts of grown up things like QuickBooks and PhP programmers, but also involves creating a ridiculous aesthetic with some combination of Batman, the Great Gatsby, and the arty-ist of art deco. And, it also involves lawyers. Can’t forget the lawyers, especially the lawyers who want to write for us. Perhaps that is you! Wanna write for Bitter Lawyer? Call us, maybe? Well, actually, email us –

Hate the law, but love to write? We’ll have two new content areas you can use for your bitter soap box: Science and Technology and Arts and Entertainment, so consider getting in touch if that is your jam.

So, watch this space, stay tuned, or whatnot and pardon our dust while we build an empire.