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So, Secretary’s/Administrative Professionals’ Day is upon us.  And we figured any respectable Bitter Lawyer likely forgot, which means you’ll be in the doghouse for the remainder of the week.  (Don’t worry, we heard Nick from Living the Dream did the same thing.)

But no matter how much you may or may not appreciate her assistance, she’s worthy.  Regardless of the fact law firms have been slashing staff members (more than 6,300 in 2009 to date) and that the remaining work is piling on those who remain, it all pales in comparison to one major factor: She puts up with all your bitterness.

In anticipation of Season 2 of Living the Dream later this year, one of our early sponsors for the series, luxury laptop bag maker Theresa Kathryn, is offering their signature Sophia Satchel laptop bag (pictured below) valued at $499 for the worthiest secretary/administrative professional we can find.  Face it, it’s chic, it’s leather, and by not costing you a dime, it’s immensely better and cheaper than any gift you would have given her had you actually been thoughtful enough to buy her something on your own.

We’re looking for the most deserving individual in the legal universe, so click below to enter, and tell us one thing: What makes you the most merciless, impossible a-hole of an attorney to work for?

Entries will be accepted now through 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 26, 2009.  The best one will be chosen at our discretion and announced on Monday, April 27, 2009.

If you are a secretary/administrative professional, enter yourself by telling us about the misery you endure at the expense of the Bitter Lawyers you support.  Don’t worry, names will be omitted—unless you’d prefer they weren’t. 

Contest rules can be read here.

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