Deidre Dare and the Era of Deidre

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[Ed. Note: Legal gossip hounds certainly know the name Deidre Dare. She’s the former Allen & Overy senior associate living in Moscow who was terminated for publishing portions of her novel, Expat, online. But for those who were actually working over the past few weeks, the details are best summarized in The Times Online and We recently caught up with Ms. Dare to find out more about the woman behind the scandal.]

So, Marck Franchetti, The Sunday Times writer who interviewed you, described you as “engaging but possibly a touch reckless, and certainly not the fiercely seductive vamp the book might indicate.” Would you agree?

I actually told Marck that he was a good judge of character. That’s me to a tee. Though I have my vampy moments… I do have my vampy moments.

Can you share one?

The night I met the King of Spades (Mosow’s version of “Mr. Big”). I was definitely fiercely seductive, completely irresistible… And I knew it.

How long have you been a lawyer?

I graduated from Columbia Law in 1989, so I almost made it to the 20-year mark.

What was your practice area?

Project finance.

Where have you practiced?

Most of my career was on Wall Street, but also I practiced in Australia, London, Singapore and most recently Moscow.

Law Review?

I was an editor for the The Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems.

Your life has changed dramatically since news of the novel and your termination broke. Any regrets?

My life has changed so dramatically, it is almost impossible to describe. I was a lawyer. Now I am, according to The Moscow News, a “celebrity author.” That’s quite a change for someone used to drafting loan agreements.

I have no regrets whatsoever.

The best part of all this is getting the column for The Moscow News. I love writing it. I love being a columnist. I love my editor. I love the paper. It is the coolest job ever. The King of Spades bought me a little reporter’s notebook, and I jot down ideas and run around Moscow. It feels so, so good. It’s a dream job.

The worst part has been the cowardice of others. Maybe that’s what is making me bitter.

Before all of this, did you ever considered yourself a Bitter Lawyer?

Not once in 20 years. I love what we do for a living. Now? I’m a little bitter. A little bitter indeed.

How did you find the time to practice, enjoy a foreign capital and write a novel?

I am a woman. We are good at time management.

Some have called your novel pornographic. Presumably, they know porn when they see it, and they probably came to that conclusion by reading your opening paragraph:

“There is something thrilling about being in bed with a Frenchman, even if he does have a small cock which he can’t get up… it is disappointing how European men seemed to have little boy cocks…”

Do you think your critics have read more than those few opening lines?

Nope. I wouldn’t take it to bed, would you? But maybe some people are easily titillated?

I put my hand to writing porn the other afternoon just to see if I could really do it (having a reputation now as a porn writer in some circles). God, it was horny. So, in an emergency, I can write porn, and everyone will have something a little better to take into the shower with them.

A theme that seems to recur regularly in your work is men who are bad in bed. How do male lawyers stack up against laymen, and to what extent do you think your assessment of high-powered men in the bedroom is driving the reaction of the partners at Allen & Overy?

Do investment bankers count as laymen? Actually, it’s interesting because A&O accused me of being “non-inclusive” according to their “let’s be a rainbow-colored nation” policy. In other words, they think saying European men have small dicks is the same as being a racist and writing to incite racial hatred. Now, how absurd is that? So, it’s not the fact that the men were high-powered that bothers them. It’s the fact that I made up nationalities, I guess. Because I still don’t know what bothered them.

We couldn’t help but notice some steamy photos of you on your website. What do you think your colleagues at the firm made of those? How often do you think they check them?

The firm never once during this whole ordeal complained about the photos, which I find notable. My colleagues mostly asked me about my workout regime. I think the men check the photos all the time, actually.

You were recently quoted as saying that you binged on old episodes of Seinfeld after being fired by A&O. Is television that bad in Moscow? When George was fired from The Yankees, he declared it “The Summer of George.” Any plans for “The Winter of Deidre?”

I download all my television and movies from a website and watch on computer. Yes, television is limited in Moscow. I can’t be sure if Seinfeld even plays here. I watched hours of it last weekend. It reminds me of home (I’m from NYC), and it reminds me of who I am. In NY, no one ever heard of A&O—I hadn’t. So, Jerry et al. just brought me back to myself and made the whole thing seem a bit less big. Still, the situation is a little David/Goliath. Well, Dasha/Goliath.

Oh, and it’s not just “The Winter of Deidre.” It’s “The Era of Deidre.”

What are your plans for your book now?

Finish it—poor Dasha is in jail, and I need to get her out. Then publish it. I think I’m going to sex it up and make Dasha a bigger slut. At the moment, she’s got this terrible reputation and she only has two one-night stands (and one of those was a sexless evening, as we all know)! I think: Let’s give her ten… or more…

How long have you been a writer?

I wrote my first novel when I was seven years old. It was called Mission to Omega. Space travel was very much on my mind back then—my first memory is of the men landing on the moon. It’s actually very much on my mind now, and I’m working on a script with the King of Spades about just that. Maybe I should call it Mission to Omega as an homage.

You reportedly have an unpublished book about law firm life called Big Swinging Dicks. Care to give us the elevator pitch?

This one was non-fiction. It was all about how men overcomplicate the practice of law just to show each other who’s bigger.

You’re also working on a book titled Marriage Delusion. There’s a quote from the book on your website that reads:

“In order to succeed at marriage, you must fail at yourself.”

How would you classify the married lawyers you’ve met over the years?

Sleeping with me.

Is infidelity common among high-powered lawyers?

There are no high-powered lawyers.

Can you describe your best day in the law?

The day I got my double-deck bid in to the Government in Australia. That was so, so wonderful.

And the worst day?

It’d have to be the day they fired me for this gross misconduct business. Gross misconduct? Embezzling from clients. Fraud. Federal crime. And writing a little novel not involving lawyers or law firms at all… Bizarre.

You can read Expat and check out Deidre Dare’s photos on her website.

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  • BL1Y

    Practicing for 20 years and still just a senior associate?

  • Anonymous

    BL1Y, not everyone makes partner, even if they sleep with the partners.  And Alma, not all men think like that.  Some do respect women, though very few.

  • BL1Y

    Bill’s comment gets censored but not Alma’s?

  • Al Dickman

    I’ve looked at the website.  She’s sexy, but somewhat of a high strung, if not also high maintenance, dame.

  • BL1Y

    Al: What about her do you find sexy?

  • Anonymous

    This beeotch exudes sexuality.  Look at this picture: I’ll bet most men would love to have that wrapped around them.

  • Ace in the Hole

    Pity poor Alma.
    I’m sorry they don’t love you dear.  Life is sometimes cruel.

  • BL1Y

    @7:26: There is a huge difference in exuding sexuality and actually being sexy.

  • Anonymous

    We’d say the same about you. Minus the dame part.

  • Bittersweet

    Quite a fascinating lawyer. This seems to prove that a female lawyer can not only be extremely smart and successful – but attractive too.

  • BL1Y

    Except that she’s not attractive, just thin.  And, she’s not successful.  She worked for 20 years without getting past being a senior associate and then got herself fired.  She gets by from mooching off her boyfriend and random internet creepers who are hoping she’ll fly across Europe just to have a sexcapade.

  • Ace in the Hole

    I don’t know, seems moderately successful to me.  She’s slept her way not quite to the top but to a relatively comfortable life, at least so far.  Now that she’s without a job, she may have trouble supporting her lifestyle on her own, but with her writing she’s engineered a well priced sale of her body for support going forward.

  • BL1Y

    Her celebrity status will burn out in no more than 6 months.  I doubt she’ll be able to keep her column going for more than 2 years.  She stands a fair chance at getting a book published, but I doubt she’ll see any income beyond whatever advance (<$100k) she gets from the publisher.

  • Anonymous

    I think there are quite a few men over 40 that would love to put the blocks to this dame.  Granted, she’s no Charleze Thereon, but she’s thin, has a decent body, and at least half a brain.  She just has to temper her attitude to make herself attractive to men.  In some article, some guy was willing to pay 100,000 euros to meet with her.  For that kind of money, he will want to do more than talk.  I trust she understands this, as she is no “wirgin,” as they say in Russia.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure how successful she is. But I’m certain that she’s more successful than BL1Y will ever be.

  • Anonymous

    Go easy on BL1Y; he is only a first year, he has a job, and also a girlfriend.  Hence, he does not see much value in this Russian woman, even as a sexual outlet.  Give him a few years, when his teeth yellow, he gets a paunchy stomach, and the now hot girlfriend goes elsewhere, women like this will begin to look better.  This one, in particular, acts very hot, so that is part of the game.  She probably would like to find a guy to settle down with, but seeing as how many men she has been with, she has such a reputation that hardly any man will want to be known as her husband.  She reminds me of Catherine the Great, who we all know had sex with a mule / or a horse.

  • Anonymous

    Anon @ 12:19,
    It’s pretty clear that you know nothing about women, Russia, law or horses. You do know a little about BL1Y, but I wouldn’t put that on my resume.

  • BL1Y

    @12:19: I have to disagree that she acts hot.  Confidence can be very sexy, but I think she is leaning a bit more towards the delusional.  And, I don’t think she’s been with that many men.  The fictional, sexed-up version of herself has only had two one-night stands.  Her total number of partners is probably much lower than she would prefer.  Also, I was unaware of the Catherine the Great thing, so no, we don’t all know.  Or care.  PS: The girlfriend is cute, but definitely not hot.  Never said she was.

  • Anonymous

    Fair enough, BL1Y.  I now know that it was a myth, about Catherine the Great humping a horse, and that your girlfriend is only cute, but I still think that most men would not want to “go” where an indeterminate number of othermen (US, European, Russian, etc) and Gawd knows what else have been.  I’d have a feeling I’d be sleeping with Gumby.  In fact, I might even take Alma over this woman.

  • BL1Y

    @2:22: You insist on knowing the exact number of men any potential mate has had sex with?  And as for the notion that a girl who gets around has less elasticity…girls who have had long, monogomous relationships (and thus very few partners) have had a lot more sex than the perpetually single gals.  The club rats aren’t getting laid on weeknights.

  • Anon

    BL1Y, this chick wouldn’t put out her cigarette out on your leg.  She’s so out of your league, it’s sad.  She’s in the NBA, you just got cut from the JV team of small tiny high school in the sticks.

  • Anonymous

    BL1Y, I wonder if Nadia Suliman (the one with the Octuplets) is trying to imitate Angelina Jolie by getting collagen injections to plump up her lips.  If so, I really think she is trying to attract a rich man with those plump lips to help pay for her now 14 children.  Do you think it will work?

  • BL1Y

    @3:27: Have fun being a judgmental prick.  Let me know how that works out for your sex life.

  • Anonymous

    BL1Y, you wouldn’t be so “progressive” if you ever were dating a chick cute enough to have banged nearly every player on the New York Islanders.  How would you like it if every time you went to the game, all the players were chumming around with your chick, having had her when she was on the executive office staff.  I know she knows that I know she banged all those guys, and those guys always remember it.  It will take another 5 years before those guys retire.  Unfortunately, those memories remain with me, so I know I and my chick will run into these guys in the market, on the street, etc, even afterward.  With that said, I don’t want to have to relive her sordid history for the next 20 years or so.  Therefore, I will not marry this chick (tho short term banging is in order).

  • BL1Y

    Islanders?  Never even heard of them.  What’s the matter, she didn’t want to bang a Yankee?

  • Rhona

    We Americans strongly believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.  That’s probably one of the main reasons our ancestors immigrated to the USA in the first place.

  • cd

    rhona:  i assumed our ancestors came over here to engage in their god-given rights to f—-k over the indigenous people and make reams of money.

  • Anon

    rhona:  emigrated?

  • Anonymous

    Look, let’s face it.  Diedra is attractive to some of us, and not to others.  She wouldn’t be where she is if she was not attractive.  I have reviewed the website and find it pretty HOT.  Also, the poetry shows a woman who is very moist downstairs.  That is good for the men.  I recommend those who like her can visit her site and those who do not should not.

  • WIncredulous

    So if I say she is a horse-faced person whose advice I don’t care for?

  • Mike

    Just a shameless plug for my forthcoming book “THE MARRIAGE DELUSION – the fraud of the rings?”. Thanks.