Eugene Michaels: Portrait of a Doc Review Gunner

Eugene is known as the “second best gunner” and is a pretty hapless guy in an environment filled with hapless guys. He can’t help being a gunner, but he’s not the a-hole that Skolnik is. He just happens to be a really hard worker who is not that bright.

People have looked at him thoughout his life and said, he must be smart because he looks like a nerd. So he has desperately tried to achieve—but he just lacks the brain capacity. Throughout the season, you’re going to see him clash mostly with Skolnik, who is the self-appointed “King of the Gunners.” Eugene feels that only one of these document reviewers are going to escape and he’s convinced that he will be the one. He and Skolnik are kind of like the doc review version of Highlanders . . . “there can be only one!” At times, he will try unsuccesfully to fit in with the gunners, but he hates being lumped in with his nemesis. Also, look for a potential bizarre romance between him and Nicole. Well, at least a one-sided one. If it works out, he’ll no longer be a 30-year-old virgin.

Michael Jemal, the actor who plays Eugene, was worried about leaving his car in front of a meter outside while we were filming. I told him to relax, nobody ever tickets anyone in the craphole neighbhorhood we were filiming in. The entire time he kept asking fellow cast members and crew if they thought he was going to get a ticket. It was consumming him. Hilariously enough, he didn’t get a ticket that day, but apparently he was parked in the red zone and had one got mailed to him. So I guess being neurotic has its benefits. He is also an accomplished writer who won a few awards for a short film last year called “The Lifter Upper.”

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including additional character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

  • Guano Dubango

    It would be fantastic if this schoumock can hook up with the pretty woman. It would make it all worthwhile if this would happen. After all, what else do schoumocks like this live for if not to screw a pretty blond? You do not have to make the blond do it on camera; it will be enough for us to get the idea that even schoumocks like this can nail a pretty woman from time to time.

  • Miserable Associate

    This guy reminds me of that actor Rob Morrow, but dorkier.

  • Ellen


    I am NOT going to have sex with any man who is ONLY interested in his own satisfaction.

    FOOEY on that!