Even Ron Burgundy Wouldn’t Approve

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It’s been a tough summer for celebrity stalkers. Larry Mendte, former anchor of the CBS evening news out of Philadelphia, pled guilty on Friday to illegally hacking into co-anchor and all-around hot mess Alycia Lane’s email accounts over the course of two years.

Mendte, a former host of “Access Hollywood,” anchored the evening news with Lane for four years until she was fired in December following her arrest after an alleged scuffle with the NYPD. Apparently not wanting to be outdone, Mendte got himself fired in June after FBI agents discovered that he had accessed three of Lane’s email accounts from home and work more than 500 times between January and May of this year alone—and then relayed details about Lane’s criminal case and other information to a reporter with the Philadelphia Daily News. Lane’s attorney “believes he acted out of jealousy.”

We get the jealousy thing, Larry, really, we do. Although we have to say, when it comes to your email-stalking skills, have you learned nothing from our dear friend Shaq?  [CNN]

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  • UTF

    Two Shaq-sized egomaniac teleprompter readers out to deliver the burning accusation…’ But you tried to destroy me first’…. Larry could get 6 months. Alycia could get…..nothing. This story might have more legs that a centipede.Stay on it BL