Ever Heard of Quid Pro Quo?

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Associates the world over are buzzing about recent reports that the London office of Shearman & Sterling has just booted one of its associates for taking a female summer associate to a strip club following a firm-sponsored event. A spokesperson for Shearman has confirmed that the summer, who has “subsequently accepted a training contract position with another firm,” made a formal complaint to the firm about the outing, and “following a full investigation in accordance with internal disciplinary procedures, the associate has now left the firm.”

While lawyers worldwide following the case have agreed that taking a summer to a strip club is a monumentally idiotic thing for an associate to do, a scattered few have nonetheless wanted to ask the traumatized student: Did you really need to go and get the poor schmuck fired? You already locked up an offer at another firm—why bring the complaint now? Clearly, you’ve got a handle on the basics of sexual harassment law, but we have to say, honey, you’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding the finer points of a little thing called “leverage.” [Legal Week]

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