Finding Your Inner Workout [Sponsored Post]

For someone in the legal field, fitness is a no brainer. We mean this rather literally—fitness never enters a lawyer’s brain! That’s why, here at Axiclaim, we devised a simple fitness regiment that any individual (lawyers included) can easily adopt at the workplace.

1. Using Your Desk For Something Other Than Working

Don’t let your mind travel too far now J. The easiest way to get a quick sweat-free workout at your workplace is by using your desk for working out your triceps. All you really need is a sturdy desk or chair. While gripping the chair’s edge, place your feet out in a squat like position. Next, let your hands drop down to a ninety-degree angle such that your body dips down.

If you have your own office, you can very easily incorporate other in-house (read: insert lame lawyer reference) exercises. Use your office space to do squats and lunges. Keep a set of dumbbells at your office so you can use them during your various exercises. Holding a squat position while resting against a wall for a minute is a quick way to exercise your glutes.

2. Walking: The Simple Joy Of Life!

Lawyer’s take great pride in the fact that they have assistants to do all the dirty work and running around. Have you ever thought that by actually walking to your assistant’s desk every time you need him/her, you might actually be getting some exercise in? Who knows–your assistant might actually be efficient from here on out and focus less on Facebook and more on the actual tasks at hand.

3. Just Start Eating Better

Yeah so you are a lawyer and you can afford fancy steak houses. But stop killing yourself with all that red meat. A simple tweak in your diet can help you regain some lost arteries. Now judging by the number of lawyers we have interacted with, we know you people have extreme Type A personalities. So maybe a cleanse might be the perfect solution for you. We recommend Doctor Oz’s 48 hour weekend cleanse. You can find everything you need to know here: But here is what you really need to do—find a lawyer friend to do this with. We know how competitive you lawyers are. So challenge each other at the workplace with a weekend cleanse. If you are a small business owner, get your staff onboard. Open a fitness pool and have a “biggest loser” like challenge. Free money always motivates people to do the unthinkable!

  • Eva Ready

    Finding a good partner for sex (after working hours), is the best way to stay healthy, even if you wind up changing the sheets more often than you otherwise would absent the sex.

  • Jae

    Groupon Baby! Since we are all broke and eternally in debt a solid coupon can really brighten up your day. Depending on your location, Groupon has some amazing deals for some of the best gyms. I recently picked up a short term membership for $25 a month at my favorite location. The best deal they could offer in house was a student deal of $75 a month for 3 months.

    Also look into the gyms that have workout classes. There is no way in hell I will drag my ass onto a treadmill at the end of a workday. Having an instructor push you in a group setting can be motivating without being too intimidating.