Five YouTube Law Students

Law school isn’t what it used to be. Thanks to the digital age, students are no longer spending their precious few moments of free time pursuing binge drinking and casual sex. Pity. What they are doing, is tapping into their inner Steven Spielberg, the evidence of which can be found on YouTube.

Here are five favorites. And when you’re done, check out Bitter Lawyer’s very own YouTube channel.

The Gunner

It’s hard to understand why a guy in a lion costume equals gunner, but at least this gunner was brought to justice. Sort of.

Law School Musical

Broadway it ain’t. But this video does capture the self-loathing familiar to anyone ever cursed with the title of 1L.

Barbri Girl

Bar/Bri pretty much owns the bar review market. But if they ever had, you know, real competition, their marketing department might want to take a look at this video.

My New Haircut

This video is a parody of a joke, which kind of describes an SBA election, and that makes this one hell of a campaign spot.

Ali G in Law School

You may not like Ali G, and this Cardozo student’s impression may not be the best out there, but how many law students have the stones to tell the dean that their school is crap?

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  • Bill Dugan

    The BAR-BRI girl in the 2nd video was definitely bone-able as is, but if she’s trying to advertise for Bar-Bri, there would be more viewers if she took her top off.  My guess is that she was NOT a law student, but from the Fine Arts group at NYU.

  • Dugan still a dumbass

    Everyday like clockwork

  • BL1Y

    Thanks Bill.  I never would have known she was moderately attractive but for your insightful commentary.

  • BL1Y’s Girlfriend

    I am shocked that you go to work to watch videos of other women!  Aren’t I good enough for you?  What would happen if I started watching Ashton Kutcher movies?  Now HE is a real man, even before he hooked up with Demi Moore.

  • SDL20

    “tort law back” should’ve made the cut

  • Anon

    Bitter Lawyer Editors:  Can you block this guy Dugan’s comments.  He’s ruining the site.

  • Alex Hump

    Go easy on the Dukemeister.  He’s funny!

  • Alpha JD

    I agree with Dugan, but think she is a REAL law student.  Look how wide her mouth is.  That double wide mouth permits her to both make good oral argument in court, and be put to other good use at home.

  • Some good ones

    Looks like a watered down version of a post from this blawg from last year.