• http://www.constitutionaldaily.com BL1Y

    Definitely your best thing so far.

  • Alan T.

    Agreed. Good piece!

  • Alma Federer

    This is I suppose funny, but not when it subjugates women who are trying to get ahead in the profession.

  • Michelle

    How does it subjugate women? The crossing out of Ms. is more about not knowing or not caring the sex of the interviewee, kind of like how they misspelled the interviewee’s name in the greeting line.

    • Michelle Beth

      No, it does not. But Michelle Honey, since when Alma and Ellen have ever subjected themselves to logic and reasoning?

  • evil lawyer

    Wasting postage on rejects is silly. Post them on line. Give every interviewee a number so they can match their private number with an OK or a “go away.”

    And its time to change interviews: i would invite all interviewees to the office for a day to see who does well in that setting. Ask women to get you coffee or to type a letter to see if they have a feminist chip on their shoulder. Tell men to get you a sandwhich or hold someone’s purse. If they’re accepted at the end of the day, have drinks in the conference room and welcome them to the firm.

  • http://paptorts.livejournal.com/ Albert Wang

    Thanks for the feedback. I think there’s something to be said for letting a fictional (as it were) world speak for itself, so maybe I’ll try to do more along these lines in the future.