Fraud and Fellatio

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This week in the always exciting workers’ compensation law, we come across Modupe Adunni Martin, who recently was sentenced to nine months in jail for workers’ compensation fraud. In addition to her jail sentence, Martin, 29, has been ordered to serve three months probation and repay more than $79,000 in defrauded funds. Pretty serious sentencing for some WC case. Let’s see where it went wrong for Martin.

The California woman requested assistance after injuring her ankle in 2009 while working as a janitor for the local school district. Martin made 10 visits to doctors over a three-month span for help, claiming the injury left her unable to walk. Everything seems pretty normal so far. However, a co-worker suspected she was exaggerating the damaged ankle and alerted the school district that started an investigation. Martin’s doctors also started to think she was exaggerating the injury. The doctors then gained permission to take surveillance of Martin before and after her medical visit to ensure she was being truthful.

The video showed Martin using crutches to enter and leave the doctor’s office. No obvious fraud yet. She then tossed the crutches in her car and put on some high heels. Just trying to be fashionable maybe. Martin then ran a short distance in her high-heeled shoes before kneeling and performing a sex act with her boyfriend in a public park that “doctors concluded she couldn’t have done with an injured ankle.” I’m guessing that was the Gotcha Moment.

Putting aside for the moment that there is some sexual act that the ankle is required for, this has to be the easiest fraud case of all time right? I’m not even talking about the sex part of it. Have you ever tried to run in heels? Impossible. 90% of the time, you’ll sprain your ankle. Once the doctors rolled the tape and saw her I would imagine everyone shared in some congratulatory high fives. Bend over and grab your ankles Modupe, you’re screwed! Hey wait. Maybe that’s it!

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  • Mean Partner

    Only 9 months? If it had been me as a judge, I’d have pounded her with 9 years. She lied under oath. Tried to defraud the much-taxed citizens of California with a BS claim. Scum like her are draining this state dry.

    Now, ahem, will you be linking to the video?

  • Frank

    The price of crotch goes up exponentially if the dame is cute. Never have sex with a dog. It ain’t worth it and your Wang will stink for days!

  • William

    I don’t buy this. I got a colossal blow job from a woman in law school when she had a broken leg. The fact that she had to use crutches to walk had absolutely nothing to do with how she was able to use her mouth on my penis. In fact, I remember it was so good that I think I would now actually prefer getting a BJ from a woman with a broken leg because I think she tried to make up for her overall lack of mobility in the sack by paying special attention to my penis. BTW, I had good sex with her afterward, as she did not want to do anything fancy and stayed still on the bottom.

  • Offended reader

    I find the final sentence in your article offensive. Please do not contribute to the media’s objectification of women by writing, “bend over and touch your ankles … You’re screwed.” I would appreciate your mindfulness of such comments as I am a fan of this website.

    • Hank

      I am not that offended by the comment (I’d have to be an eggshell plaintiff, which I am not), but let me say on behalf of the strict Biblical following that I now would never kiss (let alone copulate with) any woman named Modupe, especially since we have been told what and where this one’s mouth has been doing. Such an act is prohibited in the Bible.