Lorne Michaels' Stalker: Funny or Die

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A New York criminal court has upheld a stalking charge against a man who contacted Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels on several occasions to discuss the show’s alleged use of the man’s “personal thoughts” and “sense of humor” without permission. Court documents report that the stalker, Evans Pidhajecky, “appear[ed] at the producer’s home twice in December 2007, had ‘no legitimate purpose’ and gave Michaels ‘ample reason to be in fear.’”

While sources close to the case have expressed disapproval of Pidhajecky’s actions, they have suggested to Michaels that he bring the stalker on as a consultant to the show, noting that Pidhajecky, a humorless, droning tool with the mind of a 14-year-old frat boy who hasn’t made anyone laugh since the late 1990s, should fit right in with the current team over at SNL. [NY Law Journal via Law.com]

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