Gambling Ring Took Big Bets On Pee Wee Sports

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After booze, gambling might be the legal community’s worst vice. Perhaps it is our competitive nature. Maybe it is our addictive personalities. Sometimes I think that we just believe we are smarter than the wise guys in Vegas (we aren’t) and cannot resist betting because it’s ‘a lock’ (it’s not). However, I hope our Florida lawyers were smart enough to avoid a recently discovered gambling ring allegedly taking bets of local Pee Wee football games. Yes. Pee Wee football. The South Florida Youth Football League was rocked this week when Broward Sheriff’s Office uncovered several coaches, parents and team officials ran a massive gambling operation exploiting kids between the ages of five and 15.

Of all the crazy legal news I have written about this might be the craziest. Betting on Pee Wee football? Putting your paycheck on some kid who is four feet tall and 80 pounds. Catching a bad beat because Timmy forgot his shoes in the minivan and couldn’t score the go-ahead touchdown. Unsure if you should place a bean down on the Tigers because Johnny is “questionable” with a tummyache. I mean these guys had “more than $100,000 wagered on the youth football championship.” Ridiculous.

For their part, nine men have been arrested for bookmaking and keeping a gambling house. The alleged ringleader, Brandon Bivins, attempted to hide the operation with a barbershop front. The league has 22 teams and over 6,000 players.

P.S. Could you imagine if there was a spread on the teams from The Little Giants. Becky ‘Icebox’ O’Shea takes down Spike Hammersmith with the Annexation of Puerto Rico. What are the odds for that game? 50/1? 100/1? Whatever it is they would have to rename Urbania, Ohio Upset City.

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