Girls Gone Stupid

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In reports as salacious as they are shocking, the media is reporting that the leader of a “Girls Gone Wild” film crew has been revealed to be a pervert douchebag. Matthew O’Sullivan, 37, was brought up on charges this week for sexually assualting a 20-year-old girl he met at a Long Island bar where his crew was filming a wet T-shirt contest. O’Sullivan apparently asked the young woman—who was not a contestant—to “join him for a bawdy bus bash in the bar’s parking lot at 2 a.m.” after the shoot was done.

Officials with the Suffolk county D.A.’s office have explained that the young woman boarded the bus “just to see what was going on,” at which point she and O’Sullivan “started touching and kissing, which she had no problem with.” Things, however, “took a tawdry turn when he allegedly pulled down her shorts and underwear as he put his hands around her throat to keep her from running out.” The young woman was able to break free and call the authorities, who subsequently arrested O’Sullivan and charged him with a criminal sexual act in the first degree.

Legal pundits following the case have expressed their support for the victim’s fight, though they have offered a word of advice for ladies who may find themselves in similar situations in the near future: When a camera guy for “Girls Gone Wild” asks you to hang out with him on a party-bus in the parking lot of a bar in the middle of the night after a wet T-shirt contest, chances are he doesn’t have your best interests necessarily at heart. Just something to think about.  [NY Post]

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