Golf and the Average Lawyer

The 2012 U.S. Open starts today. If you think we’re talking tennis or surfing or karate, you’d be wrong. It’s golf. And while we don’t have stories about picking up golf balls with your naked butt cheeks, we do have two posts tucked away in the archives about lawyers who attempt to play the game. To wit:

1Matthew Richardson: Golf Is for Winners. “It dawned on me that your golf game is pretty much commensurate with your station in life. You hear that cliché sometimes, but I was playing it out in real time.” Read more.

2Ex-Bitter: I Suck at Golf. “Partner invited me to play golf at his country club. Problem is I suck. I mean, I’m really bad. Heard the partner is good. Like a 5 handicap or something. Should I play?” Read more.

  • Ashley Casas

    Maybe you can offer to drive the golf cart for him, or hold his clubs or just pick the golf balls. But don’t ever play.