Good Grief!

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Charlie Brown has been arrested. Ok, let me clarify: The voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins was arrested for stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon. Robbins, 56, was, allegedly, quite unhappy that he paid for a breast enhancement for his girlfriend only to have her dump him later. Prosecutors say Robbins has followed the surgeon and demanded a refund for the surgery. Robbins also attacked the girlfriend and demanded a refund and that she return his dog.

Good grief! I can’t say I am surprised. Charlie Brown has been heading down a dark path for a while. Always being called a blockhead. Never getting Valentines. Messing up the Christmas tree. His best friend is likely a hoarder who can’t go anywhere without his blanket. The only girl that shows any interested in him, Peppermint Patty, is an obvious lesbian. He was always in the shadow of Schroeder who you know grew up to be a plastic surgeon. All he wants is to play with those football shaped fake boobs, but nooooo they always get pulled away from him. Peter Robbins is in need of a refund to pay the 5¢ to his therapist Lucy. At least give him his dog back. Him and Snoopy have been together forever. She can keep Woodstock. Now he is just going to be living with Pig-Pen down by the abandoned factory.

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