Hard (Not) at Work

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Some partner I never met emailed last night and asked if I’d help out with a closing. I said yes, of course. Thirty-eight hours later, I haven’t gone to bed, left the building—or done a goddamn thing.  I’m just sitting outside the conference room, waiting for this ass clown to give me something to do.  All-nighters suck. 

Gratuitous all-nighters suck much more! I’m literally just sitting here, doing nothing, drinking shitty coffee, trying to keep my eyes open. Every once in a while, his lordship will walk past me, crack a demonic smile and say something like, “Don’t fall asleep now, chief.” AAAHHHHHH! I HATE THIS JOB!

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  • Al Dickman

    I hope he’s at least providing you with access to food and water!

  • C

    I hope you are able to bill the full 36 hours in 2 days. If so, as soon as this mess is over, take a personal day next Friday!

  • YrNextBestAsst

    Oooh, my turn. I live over an hour away and we are a 24-hr law firm (we live up to that name too!). I have been on my way home, 1/2 way there, get a call to come back, get 3/4 of the way back, get another call to never mind, and then actually get all the way home to get a call when i put the key in the door, that yes, in fact, it cant get done without me! (did i mention im not a billable person at this firm, just hired help)

  • JimAtLaw

    Damn straight #2 – if you’re at the office and wouldn’t be otherwise, and can’t practically speaking pick up another matter, this is billable time.

  • forget that!

    Don’t bother billing the client! Bill the partner! He’s ASKING for it! bill him extra for teasing about not falling asleep! heck! ITEMIZE the bill! I think you can get emotional distress. hmmm… what else? let’s see… you look pretty exhausted. emotional intimidation, I’m pretty sure there’s a law against that….intent to illegally excessively bill the client. I guess we can call that fraud since you really aren’t doing anything. abuse… that’s always good. Hey this is pretty good! but then I can dream up charges out of anything. the partner is being a nuisance. (well, he WAS getting on your nerves! heck, he’s getting on mine and I’m just reading about him!) how many are we up to? should we keep going? or do you think he’s going to back off? so which of these would you like? I can drum up some more I’m sure. If you were not compensated that is a whole NEW set of charges! do you want to go there?