Harvard's Keyser Söze?

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A former fugitive/Harvard-trained attorney/con artist/“Mr. X” on legal papers has been arrested in Cleveland. John Donald Cody, 65, is suspected of running a $ 100 million cross-country scam collecting donations for Navy veterans. He called himself Bobby Thompson but his true identity was uncovered through 1969 military fingerprints. The suspect had served as a captain in U.S. military intelligence. He is also wanted for questioning by the FBI on espionage charges. Cody graduated from UVA in 1969 and Harvard Law in 1972.

So this guy is Keyser Söze right? Just no doubt about it in my mind. Conman, espionage, bad checks, and nation wide charity scam — sounds like Verbal Kent to me. I feel like the cop who checks his fingerprint in the military database after multiple criminal fingerprint database checks had to drop his coffee mug in slow motion when he got a positive result. The bottom of the cup says “Mr. X Porcelain.” The greatest trick John Donald Cody ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof, he wasted a Harvard Law degree and probably will need a Keyser Söze deal to avoid jail.

Post image courtesy of Keyser Söze’s personal photographer. [Thanks to Chris Berger.]

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