Here’s Your Sign, Idiot

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Don’t break the law in Ohio, unless you’re ready to be shamed by it – and no, the shame does not come from the fact that you’re living in Ohio. Just take a look at Cleveland’s new resident idiot, Shena Hardin, who found this out the hard way when she was forced to wear an “idiot” sign for illegally bypassing a school bus.

Hardin, like most normal people, hates waiting for school buses. Children take their time getting off the bus, the bus driver waits sooo long (sometimes up to 2 minutes!) to make sure they’re safely on the sidewalk, and so on – give us a break! Time is money, people!

So Hardin decided to take things into her own hands. Rather than wait the seems-like-infinity amount of time for the school bus to continue on its way, she drove on the sidewalk to get around it. Genius, right? Did I mention that this was the first day of school? That’s right, the very first day. But regardless, success was sweet and Hardin decided to pull the move again.

Little did she know, the school bus driver was one step ahead of her, which isn’t saying much. On her third attempt, the bus driver filmed the stint on his cell phone and after she triumphantly pulled the move, he immediately called the police. Without fail, Hardin pulled the move yet again . . . but this time, the police were ready for her. The bus driver filmed that one too, and just as quickly posted the video on You Tube (watch here).

In addition to paying $250 in court fees, and getting her license revoked for 30 days, the judge decided that Hardin deserved a little more punishment for her crime — perhaps one that would actually make her never pull the same stint again. The Bill Engvall-esque judge ordered Hardin to stand at the intersection of the crime scene and wear a sign stating “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” There’s your sign, Hardin.

Public embarrassment as punishment may actually be more effective than minor fees and penalties. How many of us know that we would love to pick our noses or scratch our butts, but in fear of humiliation, wait until we’re behind closed doors. No? That’s just me?

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