About Us

We are the Empire at the End of the Decadence

Who On Earth Do We Think We Are?

We’re brand new, but we’re not new at this. We also run Bitter Lawyer, the Internet’s premier site for being pugnacious and sardonic about the law, lawyers, and law school.

Lisa M. Needham, Editor-in-Chief, writes (generally without snark) for Lawyerist.com because, inexplicably, she is still actually a lawyer. She used to grumble round-the-clock at Wonkette, and is old enough to have been disagreeable back in the heyday of alt-press print journalism in the 1990s.

Joline Zepcevski, Managing Editor, has a PhD in the history of science and technology, teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, worked as a science writer for Twin Cities Public Television, and lives in Minneapolis with her four cats. She continues to claim that she is not a crazy cat lady.

Why On Earth Are We Doing This?

We wanted to expand our bitterness to cover Arts & Entertainment, science, technology, and whatever else we could think of, really. On top of that, we’re really ill-suited to office jobs.

Why On Earth Should You Read This?

Despite the clever (c’mon, it’s clever) conceit of the name, we’re not actually bitter full time. Don’t get us wrong. We are bitter a stunningly large percentage of the time, but we also write about things we love, because being angry all the time is actually really draining.

Also, we’ve roped in some really great writers, all of whom have been gracious enough to stick around while we put all of this together behind the scenes. Everything good on here is thanks to them, and all the errors are entirely our fault, not theirs.

Why On Earth Should You Contact Us?

Because you’re bored? Masochistic? Suffering general feelings of malaise? Whatever the reason, you can always reach us at hello@bitterempire.com.

You like us? You really like us? Well, you should advertise with us! Right now we’re new, so we’re a bit short on detailed demographics, but our pageviews are totalling around 200,000 views per month. We also come from a fine tradition of bitterness, one of the best known legal humor sites on the web: Bitter Lawyer. 

Bitter Lawyer is a legal humor and news blog with a monthly audience of over 90,000 lawyers, law students and those that love — or hate — them. Readers in that demographic sweet spot of 25 – 34 with an interest in the law flock to the site for comedic relief in an otherwise busy day.

Founded in 2008 by Law & Order producer, Rick Eid, Bitter Lawyer has a rich web history. No, seriously, we’ve been around for a long time. We even won a Webby Award for Best Legal Website in 2010.

We think our Bitter Empire will be equally exciting and as one of our first advertisers you’ll be getting in on the action early!

Opportunity Overview

    • Monthly pageviews: ~200,000
    • Pages per session: ~2.2

We also support our advertisers with a significant social media following:

Facebook: 12,000+ followers
Twitter: 16.1 K followers

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If you want to do something more exciting, get in touch. We can probably work something out!

To advertise, or if you have questions, email us: hello@bitterempire.com

Write For Us

We’re always looking for more writers. Send writing samples and pitches to hello@bitterempire.com.  If we like your pitch and your style, we’ll talk details. Yes, details do include money, because we are philosophically opposed to having people write for free. Meager money, but money nonetheless.

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