• The Dean

    Painfully funny. And let me stress the painful part.

    • The Dean

      But on further thought, how did this guy even get an interview when the interviewer clearly knew he and his resume were bogus?

  • Louis

    He reminds me of the guy from the Social Network, right? The CFO – whatever his name was?

  • http://lawyerist.com/aaron-street/ Aaron Street

    I call BS on him being “discovered” on House of Lies—he had already been playing Jean-Ralphio on Parks & Recreation for over a year before House of Lies even piloted.

  • The Dean

    Baah ha ha. Being “discovered” by Parks & Rec is like saying Schwartz was discovered by his own Vimeo channel. Such a carbon copy of The Office.

  • http://legaltechandfitness.blogspot.com/ Mario Sandoval

    love the Movie references