How to End Pointless Law School Chitchat

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Law School is a small community. Whether you are in class, walking the halls, or studying in the library, you always see the same people. While not your friends, they have enough status to warrant a pointless hello on a constant basis.

Here are some helpful hints on how to get out of those annoying chitchats.

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  • Ellen

    I agree with this guy. But he should KNOW that the ONLY way to keep freinds is to stay freindly with them, so if that means to CHIT-CHAT, then that is what you have to do.

    I do this alot with the manageing partner, so I can keep my job.

  • Tommy Davis

    This guy is a douchecanoe. And why is he wearing a girl’s shirt?

  • Quadoz

    Douchecanoe…that’s the word I was looking for earlier! Stop supporting this guy. It’s terrible! LTD 4 LYFE!

    • Guano Dubango

      I respectfully dissent. I think this is a cool dude, and he is only a 3L!

      If every 3L were disqualified, where would we all be now. Each one of us were, in our own way, “douchenozzles” but look at us now, because we were given a chance. I say give this fellow a chance. If we listen hard enough, we will be able to find a nugget of wisdom that will aid in our own success. At the very least, he can clue us into what the younger, fresher female law students are thinking. And if I can get tuned into that from this cool dude, I will find the eligible legal breeder I have been looking for!

    • Sam Glover

      Do you think Mr. Law School is holding LTD hostage, or something?

  • Bitter 2L

    Far easier way. iPod and headphones. Leave them in at all times. Doesn’t even have to be on. That way, there’s no need to fake messing with your phone when you see someone you actually do want to talk to.

    I can’t stand people who walk around school staring at their phones. Not only do they occasionally run into walls, but they’re just all around inconsiderate and oblivious to every other person trying to walk around them. Watch where you’re going!

    Classic negligence. You have a duty to watch where you’re going. You breach said duty while walking while staring at your phone. This breach is the but/for causation of you running into me. Damages are usually massive.

    Put the phone away.

  • Alma Federer

    While I am not getting excited over this dude, you have to him some points for trying to educate fellow law students. As a 3L, he is probably a local BMOC, and lots of 1Ls will be hanging on his every word. Let’s hope he can get a job when he graduates, or unless he finds a woman with a trust fund to marry, we will be seeing new segments with this guy until he is eligible for Social Security.

  • 3L

    Just get over yourself and say hello, or do nothing, it doesn’t matter.