How You Found Us: May 19, 2013

Josh Camson General, Lawyer 1 Comment

Every Sunday here at Bitter Lawyer we take a look at the stats from the previous week. We like to know how you, our adoring fans, found our site. So we will feature the strangest search terms that people used to get to Bitter Lawyer, and let you know what they found. In no particular order, this week’s winners are:

This week’s runner up is several different versions of: how do I sleep with a call girl and not get caught.

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  • Hal

    I came across this website after querying Google as to why my girlfriend, a new lawyer, had such a bitter tasting crotch.

    I never got a direct answer, tho I have since determined that it is caused both by her diet and a lack of exercise. Together, that precipitates the bitterness. That’s why I now insist she bathe before asking me to pleasure her.