I Forgot my Portfolio at an OCI

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I’m a 2L and just got a call back from a big firm and think it went great. The only problem is that I left my douchebag interviewing portfolio in one of the six offices I went to and have no clue which one. Any advice on how to probe for this?

My biggest fear is that they think I’m one of those needy people who leave things around for more face time opportunity. And that I’m careless and forgetful. Which I obviously am.

Chill out.  Nobody’s thinking about your douchebag interviewing portfolio.  I promise.  This isn’t the same as accidentally-on-purpose leaving your coat at an ex’s apartment after a post-breakup one-nighter.  Everyone’s way too busy to give your damn portfolio a second thought.  So get over yourself.  Having said that, if you NEED the portfolio back for some reason—some legitimate, non-needy reason—call or email the hiring coordinator.  Other than that, move on.

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  • Southern Lawyer

    UGH! Law Students’ questions are annoying.  I mean, seriously? Who the shit cares about your gay portfolio?  Better question, other than that duche in high school on the debate team who thought he was Johnnie Cochran, who uses a portfolio?

  • Edna Turne

    If it’s nice leather, call the recruiting coordinator now.  After all, you probably know by now if they want to see you back.  If you don’t call, they’ll think youre spoiled/irresponsible; traits they already have enough of at the law firm.  As to the Southern Lawyer post below, he must have money to burn; the rest of us don’t.  He needs to be more compassionate with questions from 2Ls, who are out there for the first time on their own.

  • SouthernLawyerIsADouche

    Ugh. This is why blogs are the worst thing to happen to mankind. I know Southern Lawyer, he was opposing counsel in a case I worked on and couldn’t wipe his ass with his own hand if you drew him a map. Also, he eats babies.