I Made Out with a Married Associate

QI’m in love with this senior associate I’m working with.  He’s super-cute, super-smart and super-married. We made out last night. Now what?

ACall the New York Times and go live with such earth-shattering news!  What do you mean, what do you do?  Just chill out and act like an adult. Tell him you made a mistake and it won’t happen again.

PS—Get over yourself. You’re not Carrie Bradshaw. Flirting with married guys is lame. Besides, if this dude were single, you’d already be bored. Move on.

  • lucille

    HAHAHA I just have to say that i absolutely love your response to this woman’s question.

  • YrNextBestAsst

    Go back to filing his papers, answering his phone and fetching his coffee. He probably sees you more than he sees his wife and THATs the reason you got the play. Goes with the territory. OMG – where WAS the NYT when this news first broke?

  • Al Dickman

    Im sure there are plenty of others who can service you at the firm who are not married.  But if you are really hot, you wouldn’t be fixated on one dope who made a mistake.  Pull your panties back up and act like a lady, not some kind of a skank.

  • Skaddie

    I had an office mate who had an affair with a married senior associate. Their first time he went to clear off his desk…she said no way and used him for months!

  • Boggie Night

    How do you know it is a woman and not a man on man thing?

  • Laughing 3L

    The initial post and the comments that followed have made and otherwise boring day quite funny. Thanks to all.