I Need the Weekend Dress Code

QHey, I’m a female first-year associate at a big Manhattan firm, and I just started. Anyway, I have to work this weekend for the first time. I assume I can wear jeans or basically whatever, right? Is anything too casual for weekend work.

AFor the most part, you can wear whatever you want. Just don’t get too experimental or overly stylish. It’s a weekend, yeah, but don’t bust out your East Hampton braless, flip-flop look. Keep it simple. Jeans, shirt, sweater.

  • Anonymous

    Im not sure you want to rely on the douchebags on this website to dress you tomorrow morning.  Ask some people at your firm.  Certainly they know what it is to work weekends!  Some firms will look down on your wearing jeans, so you want to know that before you show up.  But make sure to be comfortable as some places turn the air conditioning off on weekends so you don’t want to sweat like a steamed pig.

  • Big Tom

    I’ve worked at a firm who expected professional dress on the weekend and another where one of the partners would wear sleeveless shirts straight from the gym on the weekends.  Ask your co-workers.

  • Big Boy

    Hey anonymous, who’s a bigger douche bag?  The douche bag answering questions on the website, or the douche bag who calls said douche bag a douche bag on an anonymous post?  Just asking.

  • Southern Lawyer

    I think thats pretty sound advice actually…

    Granted, I live in the south where it is hot, so I wear shorts…and I have no idea what New York firms do.  I’d probably dressed up a bit for my 1st weekend just to feel it out…now, you’re lucky if I’m wearing a bathrobe.

  • Anonymous

    Keep that bathrobe on, Southern Lawyer, we’re not sure we can take it, otherwise!